WatchUp: for WhatsApp on Watch App Reviews

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No funciona

Esta aplicación, no da notificaciones.

Is not work with me

Is not work with me

App almost useless

I end up opening WhatsApp on my phone as the app is too slow to update. It also looses connection too often and takes too long to reconnect. I’ll ask for a refund.

Good app idea but still needs work

The idea of integrating whatsapp with the Apple watch is fantastic, but this app is frustrating in that it doesn't stay up to date with the phone. Notifications seem to come through reasonably well but to access the app from the phone is just an absolute pain is it lags to connect. End up just taking out the phone instead. I want my money back.

It’s a WhatsApp Web Client...

The app is not what I expected. It works (if it even works) using the Whatsapp Web feature. It looked like it would at first, but right as I opened a chat with an image attachment, the app just froze. Closing and restarting Apple Watch will not help. Had to delete app and reinstall. Refunds are not eligible and their support page won’t even open so I’ll just have to forget the $2. Edit: I’m gonna edit this review to three stars because I was able to get it to work after and it could be very useful to be able to start a conversation from the watch, but it still doesn’t work seamlessly since it’s a WhatsApp Web client. I would recommend this app if it was free. Otherwise, don’t waste your money.

Needs improvement

I’ll start by saying it is really cool to finally have some sort of whatsapp client on the  watch. I think we are way over due. However, this is pretty much like whatsapp web, which means that it doesn’t really work seamlessly and its super slow. It doesn’t stay updated with your conversations which means that the app is going to need to refresh every time you open it and its slow. The worst part is, NO COMPLICATION! That is kind of a deal breaker here. I do love the app. But at this point it feels like a beta of something. It has potential but its not there yet.

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